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As an open wiki, this guide can be added to or edited by members of our game. If you need some help knowing how to edit or add, consult the Media Wiki User's Guide for information.

The live chat feature in the owners software package is an important communication tool for us. Keep watch for important notices there, request assistance when needed, and try to help others who need it.

Getting Started


Operating Your Team

All the operations needed to operate your team are located in the Manager Window accessible by clicking the Manage Button from the main tollbar.



General Manager

Reference Topics

Live Leagues

League settings, current standings, scaled down team reports, links to player personnel, draft results, and season archives are available here in a limited format for easy reference. Comprehensive stat reports are available only through the software package.


Game Software Downloads
Prerequisite Software Packages

Our game software requires that these packages be installed on your PC. They are part of the original clean installation package and do not normally require reinstallation. However, if they become corrupted or have been accidently deleted our game software will not function properly, so you'll need to reinstall them.