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Who gets on the Award Ballots and Why?[edit]

Since award ballots have been something of a contentious matter in our game, please note the following:

  1. Players' stats are park adjusted so as not to prejudice hitters in small parks or pitchers in large parks.
  2. The HR leader will always get on the ballot.
  3. The Batting Champ will always get on the ballot.
  4. The hits leader will always get on the ballot.
  5. Anyone with a seasonal hit streak of 30 games or more always get on the ballot.
  6. The relief pitcher with the highest number of Relief Points ( (SV-BS) + HD ) always gets on the ballot.
  7. The pitcher with the highest win total always gets on the ballot.
  8. Each ballot is capped at 16 players.
  9. No team can have more than two players on each ballot.
  10. Runs Created and ERA figure prominently in the calculations for players not included by virtue of 2 - 7 above.
  11. No player exceeding 105% of his RPL (Real Play) qualifies for the Award Ballots.


Fill out your ballots at the close of each season. Watch the Real Time Events schedule for when to send your ballot. To incentivize award voting, owners get 20 units placed in their financial accounts just for voting. Owners of the MVP or Cy Young Winners also are rewarded with 20 units.