Version 7.0

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Changes and Additions Version 7[edit]


  1. Added Negro League Players 1920 - 1948 (Seven Negro Leagues recognized by MLB)
  2. Added Players from 1871 - 1892 (New leagues: AA,NA,UA,PL)
  3. Added Players from the Federal League (FL) in 1914 - 1915
  4. Added Team Logos for the new teams represented by these additions
  5. Added Player Photos corresponding to these additions
  6. Removed the Team Photo Tab in the Main Software Window
  7. Improved Ball Park Correction Factors (now with left/right breakdowns)
  8. Changed Ball Park Correction Factors to a three-year regressed average for greater realism
  9. Added more park details about your park in the Ballparks Window
  10. Added Ejections to the Sim (based on actual historical data)
  11. Replaced the Storyboard Concept with detailed biographical data (trades, salaries, ejections, birth and burial information, and more)
  12. Omitted Superstars from the Supplemental Draft Pools as another in a series of moves to help parity
  13. Stored Player photos in database instead of a loose collection of files
  14. Added Career Database (CAR) to our sim concept
  15. Made All players draft-able in Career (CAR) mode if desired
  16. Added option to use Negro Leagues as Auxiliary Roster
  17. Reconfigured the NSB era breaks to even out player distributions.
  18. Failed Trades with League Owned teams no longer deduct from an Owner's Total Trade Allowance
  19. Installed a more sophisticated version of the LOG5 formula for batter/pitcher matchups
  20. New Front Page Artwork for the Side Panel
  21. User Guide Enhancements
  22. Numerous other minor/cosmetic changes

Links for More Information on V7[edit]

League Specific Changes[edit]

  1. Dead Ball Leagues now enlarge their eligible season ranges to include players back to 1871
  2. The Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Ford Frick Leagues now use the Negro Leagues as the basis for their Auxiliary Rosters.


  1. All parks will play with their NEW regressed figures effective with the release
  2. A new park option has been added for all teams in case you don't like your park and want to move
  3. Version 7.0 requires a clean installation of the software

It took a LOT of coding behind the scenes to make these enhancements to our system. Enjoy!