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How Do I Make Sure I have Enough Roster Space?[edit]

Roster sizes are absolute and cannot be stretched. There are different roster caps for different leagues, and it's essential to pay attention to this because the commissioner will not return lost players to your roster. To determine whether you have space to receive more personnel, have a look at the following sequence enacted whenever a game event runs:

  1. Waived players are marked by the sim and deactivated so they don`t play and accrue salary.
  2. Games Run.
  3. Auxiliary Callups are assigned to the roster.
  4. Waived/Traded players are removed from roster (or not, depending on owner`s preference as indicated by the checkbox in Manager Controls as depicted in the image below)
  5. Trades are conducted (at each successful trade the sim checks to see if it should drop that player from the roster as per 4. above). Keep in mind that depending on the trade partners personnel may have arrive via trade before they depart. This is why we recommend having a slot open on the roster at the time this step begins! While the sim attempts to make trades even with full rosters during the regular season, during the preseason this is not possible because of players awaiting contract decisions and the commissioner will not return lost personnel to your roster.
  6. Waiver Acquisitions are assigned to roster.

Example using Checkbox to Drop Waived / Traded Players

To ascertain roster sizes for your league, go to the Main Screen of the Software and click the 'Definitions' Button.

One of the most important events in any league is the Pre-Draft Transactions Event. It runs a day or two before the first iteration of the draft. In this event you have the opportunity to release all players who qualify to be released. This is critical especially if you are playing in a league with small roster limits. If you miss this event you may not have enough room to hold your newly drafted players.

ADVICE: If you need reminders of upcoming drafts, sign up to receive SMS/TXT reminders on your phone by clicking the 'Logo/Txt' Button on the mail toolbar.