Finally! You can Play Solo! 

Effective August 2021 we opened our sim to anyone who wants to play solo. You no longer need to play in a 'live' league to use the sim. 

1. Check out these Features:  . . . 

  • Complex and sophisticated statistical modeling with a rich set of sabermetrics and analytics.

  • Free and Fast support!
  • Full complement of historical teams from 1893 to present. Every team. Every season.

  • Build your own super-teams by choosing players, use historical teams, or mix and match these options!

  • Select the ballpark venue for any team you create.

  • Select leagues of 16 or 24 team slots, 2 or 4 divisions.

  • Choose from various schedules, including 162 game interleague, 162 game classic, 154 game classic, and more.

  • Manage comprehensive settings for every player on every team or let the sim handle these decisions for you.

  • Create Left/Right, Home/Road, and Daily Plan lineups if desired.

  • Randomly build leagues from an elaborate team filter set.  

  • Play with or without injuries, with or without Real Play limits.

  • Full access to our historical database, sim database, and player rankings.

  • Built-in chat feature to connect with other members, get advice, etc. from other owners.

  • Random auxiliary rosters to help meet unexpected personnel needs.

2. Get a Sim License

Once you purchase your license we will open an account for you in our active member database and email your license to the address provided us by PayPal. Please allow a couple hours for this process complete. Add be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder!

Price Options

3. Get Started . . . 

CREATE AN ACCOUNT here at the website so you can download the free PC-Based software package. Your sim license will arrive by email after purchase. Once the software is installed you can use the closely-monitored chat feed for any technical support needs. We can also send your sim license in a private message via chat.